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It is a condition of your storage with us that storage is at your risk. Storage World Whitsunday accepts no responsibility for your stored items. You should take out your own insurance.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that the following list is completely exhaustive, we mention the following risks. There may be other risks associated with your storage.

We are in a cyclone area. The storage sheds have been built to withstand cyclones, constructed in 2005. However, that does not mean that they will never suffer cyclone damage. That damage can include direct wind damage, roof removal, destruction of buildings, and ingress of water, rain and/or flood.

The buildings are concrete and steel. With the exception of a one dividing wall (C5/D5) which is framed stud and timber sheeting, the spaces are built to fire rated standard. Even so, we do not guarantee that every storage space is completely safe from fire, or from fire spreading. The required number of fire hoses are in the complex. Do not store fire causing materials.

Wet Season
We recommend that all items stored on the floor be in waterproof plastic bins or similar. Humidity can cause sweating between the concrete floor and items such as cardboard boxes. Anything that would suffer from being wet should be raised above the floor, in the event of moisture or water ingress. It's a good idea to use pallets to store goods on. We have some pallets available for free use. Beware seepage such as capillary attraction in concrete blocks.

We are in the Tropics. The sheds have concrete block walls, Colorbond roofing. Insulation is fitted below the roof. However, a closed space on a hot day will become hot. Humidity can be significant. Do not store items that will be adversely affected by heat and/or humidity. Do not store wet or damp items, or items that will attract mould or mildew.

Geckos are a fact of life. It isn't practicable to prevent entry, and droppings can be corrosive. We recommend you protect sensitive surfaces (eg French Polish), and check regularly. Don't leave your light on. That will attract insects which in turn attract geckos.

At the end of each tenancy we engage Elite to spray the space. You will see their notice mounted on the wall. Please read. You may wish to undertake further or additional treatment during your stay.

Snakes/rodents etc
To date we are not aware of any of these in any of the storage areas, but of course they may enter, or they can come in on goods being stored. Do not store food items.

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